Terrible Two’s

I personally hate when someone tells me, oh don’t worry, he’s an angel now but wait until he’s two! Or, oh it’s okay that your son is rolling on the floor in the middle of the meat department of Giant Eagle, he’s two, it’s just what toddlers do!… seriously? Get real.

Trust me, you’re not the only one dealing with a crazy child! They all act out around this time and it’s all a part of developing into the loving little cherub you’ve created.

“Terrible Two’s” is considered a period in a child’s early social development (typically around the age of two years) that is associated with defiant or unruly behavior.

Two year old’s are at a point in life where words are developing, minds are curious, hands touch everything and everything hands have touched goes into mouth. They can’t tell you how they feel or what they want, so this form of “acting up” or “terrible” display of emotion is just your little one trying to tell you what’s wrong. So, try to embrace these moments, they won’t last forever.

Here’s a few things you can do to help your toddler get through this phase:

And here’s a video to make you laugh because (TRUST ME) you’re not the only one:


How To Tackle the “Terrible Twos” – Parents

Your 20-month-old’s social and emotional development: Terrible twos …

Mighty Mommy : You and the Terrible Twos :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™



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